Why Epoxy Flooring is best for Garages ??

Garage Floor that is one of the toughest and most durable for a very long time which you can apply to a garage is Epoxy Flooring. There can be two motive of using Epoxy Floors in Garage, firstly it changes all the boring look of your floor, and make it more attractive, Secondly, it is toughest so that it protects your floor properly. As it is the only place of parking your car or any vehicle it is converted into a beautiful place to park. Therefore, Epoxy Floorings in the Garage are a top choice these days.

It can be used in both the residential and commercial floors. You can easily select one of the best colors of your choice from anywhere so that it looks wonderful and people would see it  and say " Hey look at this, it's awesome "

So now let's know about the Epoxy Flooring, how to install and many more things which are necessary to be known.


One confusion is always there that is this Epoxy a paint or something else. Well, it is a paint known as latex acrylic product. Some paints have a mixture of Epoxy to make it more durable. It is different from standard paint, but still it is a Paint. It can be also called 1-part epoxy paint.
Epoxy is actually thermosetting which is implemented as a coating. This Epoxy paint is formed when a mixture of one part epoxide resin and other parts as polyamine hardener. This hardener acts as a catalyst just to give a strength to the Epoxy.


Apart from this that Epoxy flooring looks nice and attractive, an epoxy floor is most durable too. The thick coating of Epoxy makes the floor very tough. The floor lasts for more and more years without any cracks or distortions.

The floor is crack free, it is so hard and thick layer that it prevents any harm caused if any heavy material falls or something thrashed on the floor.

A thick coating of Epoxy also helps in hiding of any cracks, minor imperfections, if exists.
The Epoxy floor is moisture resistant, it's very easy for the people living in snowy areas. It just takes a soap and some water to clean it up.

If the Epoxy flooring is done with a mixture of  colored acrylic flakes in more quantity, this makes the floor slippery, people in dry areas don't have any problem but people in wet areas can add slip resistant aggregate to the final coat that will create a non-skid surface.


The problem arises is hot tire pick up. This happens when the car come in the garage after driving with hot tires, then it pulls the soft epoxy paint, and when the tires get cooled they contract and the paint pulled by tires gets shrunk. This actually happens because of low-quality products used for Epoxy Flooring. These products at their best can be bought at some good commercial shops or can be preferred by Epoxy Floor Installer as 3d Royal Floors in U.K.


Epoxy Flooring costs differ as per the floor situation or the area and locality, you consult some epoxy flooring installer to know the exact price for your floor according to the area and all other situations.

  A well known Epoxy Resin Floor and 3D Resin Floor Installer in U.K. is 3D Royal Floors 

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